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Sex Drive

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This story is about as confusing as it gets. This is a very simple version of the events that took place. One of these Milf’s son’s friends was interested in having sex. He wanted to have his very first threeway. But, no girls his age was interested in having one. He learned the hard way that Milfs have a sex drive ten times stronger than that of girls his age. These two Milfs rocked his world like he never knew it could be rocked.


Kendra Secrets

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Kendra Secrets’s son has a friend that she’s been wanting to fuck. She was baking some cookies when he decided to stop by. That’s when Kendra Secrets got the nerve to ask if he wanted to fuck. This guy jumped all over the chance to fuck her. She never thought in a million years that a young stud like him would have any interest in a Milf. Was she ever wrong.

Angella Faith

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Angella Faith was pleasing herself with her trusty vibrator. When all of a sudden, the batteries die. So, she goes into the living room to snag the batteries out of the remote. That’s when her son’s friend asked why she needed to use a sex toy. Especially when he had an eager cock that could please her. After thinking for a few minutes, she figured he was right. She didn’t need a vibrator as long as her son’s horny friend was in the house. He fucked her so good, she forgot all about the fact that her vibrator needed new batteries.

Brittany O’Neil – Runaway Bride

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When people call off a wedding, things happen that aren’t expected. Brittany O’Neil had to break it to her friend that the wedding was off. Since he flew into town just for the wedding, he had nothing to do. Actually, both of them didn’t have a single thing to do. So, why not do each other? Brittany O’Neil knows how to make the best of a bad situation. As you can see, there aren’t many Milfs that look this good with a cock in their mouth.

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